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The Best Days

I worked in the corporate world for many years. I went to work each day, doing the best job I could possibly do. I worked endless hours, trying to work my way up the ladder. I became a team leader, a supervisor and then a manager. There were good days and bad days, but I never felt fulfilled.

Gold letterpress on luxe black card stock.

When I first started creating invitations, it was a good creative outlet - I considered it therapy. As a business, and a sole means of making a living, there are certainly still good days and bad days. But there is also something else - what I call the 'best' days. At Lucky Invitations, we take our work very seriously, and how your invitation (or other product) turns out is very important to us. We are often fortunate to meet with our clients when they see their order for the first time. There are times when we show a couple (or their parents) an invitation and you see them smile, or see tears well up in their eyes, or they hug you before leaving - those are the 'best' days to us. Because we've made a client happy, and we've made a difference to someone.

During all my years in the corporate world, I doubt anyone will remember me helping fix a computer problem or resetting their password - but I have hope that someone will remember their beautiful wedding stationery ... and that fulfills me.

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